Steel drums!

At this very moment, I’m typing my blog to the rhythm of a set of steel drums.

They are just the neatest instruments. They look like oil barrels or metal trash cans with the tops dented in, and they make the most delightful metallic percussion sound.

The drums were graciously lent to us by the Canton Symphony Orchestra. We were told that they were going to lend them to someone else, but heard Mount Union was interested and said, “Here you go!”

I think it’s a great opportunity for the percussion students to learn a new and interesting kind of instrument, especially because steel drums aren’t easy to come by.

The steel drums are being used with the jazz band, and their sound combined with trumpets is really cool. The jazz band concert is going to be really awesome this semester!

The jazz band concert is April 24 at 7:30 p.m. in Campus Grounds. This will definitely be a concert you don’t want to miss!

Okay. That, up there, was going to be my blog. Then I decided a few minutes ago, “I think I’ll go take pictures of the steel drums!”

(USUALLY, if a rehearsal hall is open while an ensemble is working, you can pause in the door and listen without bothering anyone. Taking pictures though, no. I just did because…well because I was discreet!)

So I was listening and taking pictures surreptitiously, and I just wanted to reiterate how awesome the steel drums sound. They’re not only working with brass, but a jazz flute and a few other percussion instruments.

Awesome sound, I’m excited, and you should be too.

April 24. Be there.


Andrew Whitman, playing steel drums


(L to R) Brian Archer, Sean Eppler, Jeff Neitzke, Tim Bagnola, Sara Hall


(L to R) Lizi Glanemann, Jake Husted , Kevin Princic, Heather Rice, Demi Lohr, Thomas Gaskins

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