State Day

Last Sunday, a few sisters and I ventured to The Ohio State University to celebrate “State Day” for all sisters of Alpha Chi Omega in the State of Ohio. I was super excited because we were going to meet all the different sisters from the different Alpha Chi Omega chapters in Ohio! The chapters that were there included: Beta Phi Chapter from Bowling Green State University, Beta Omega Chapter from the University of Toledo, Beta Tau Chapter from Miami University, the Zeta Upsilon Chapter from Case Western and our wonderful hosts from The Ohio State University, the Alpha Omicron Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega.

State Day, was put on by our providence chair Angela Dudek, who is an alumnae of Alpha Chi Omega. Angela, along with other alumnae and advisors of the different chapters, gave motivational and inspiring speeches of how Alpha Chi Omega impacted their life and what we as chapters can do to make the best out of our experiences with Alpha Chi Omega. The presidents from all the different chapters also gave speeches to update everyone at the conference on what their chapter was currently doing for our philanthropy and different accomplishments we have made within the past year. It was really exciting to hear of all the different philanthropy events and activities that the chapters in which participated.

One of the most enjoyable things about the whole conference was interacting with the sisters from the different chapters. We were all placed randomly at the different tables and intermixed with members who were not in our chapter. This gave all of us an opportunity to talk one on one at lunch with other sisters from other schools and learn about them and their chapter. It is amazing to me how different, but the same, each chapter really was.

After the lunch and conference was over, we were given a tour of the Alpha Chi Omega house that the girls from Ohio State live in! The house was great and it definitely made me just a little jealous!  State Day overall was just an awesome experience for my sisters and I, and it really helped me to appreciate sisterhood and everything It can do for you!

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