Spring Semester is Underrated

Fall semester was easily the hardest semester I’ve been through. It was only my third semester of college, but it was easily the most difficult. OK. I did take a dance class, which made life easier, but all of the other classes were definitely not as easy.

This spring semester seems like a joke to me, compared to last semester at least. I shouldn’t have that mindset though. I should be going into this semester just as hard as I did in the fall so my grades will improve, but I like things to be easy so I am just going to take it lightly. Some of my classes are lower on the workload, but they still matter. After this semester, I will be half way done with college. Basically, I need to take this semester just as seriously as I did the last, or else my grades will be lower than they were last semester.

I am telling myself this so that if my grades are lower at the end of the semester, I deserve to be hit by someone who read this.

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  • Pops says:

    You know yourself the best. Good way for you to stay motivated. Just like wrestling – you expose yourself to the world on the matt – just as you have with this blog. You’re a Champ – and not a Chump!

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