Spring Break or Winter Break?

While it seems that most of the Mount Union community headed to Panama for spring break, there is also a good portion of students who decided to head home and either work or relax for the week with their families, just like me. From Ohio to Pennsylvania, one thing that has been impossible to escape is the bad weather. Since I have ventured back to Pittsburgh, the weather has been up and down every other day and cannot even compare to the nice weather other Mount students are enjoying currently in the sunshine state. Although, I must say that the sun did make an appearance here in the burg yesterday and made for a nice time to sit outside and enjoy a nice beverage from Starbucks with a friend! Later at night I realized that from sitting in the sun for a short amount of time, I now had a slight tint of color on my cheeks! If that doesn’t get you psyched for the summer weather, I don’t know what does! Word has it there is going to be another snow storm here in PA tomorrow night so I just hope that this is it for the winter time blues, and the nice weather gets here sooner rather than later!

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