Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner and is definitely much needed! This week is midterms week, which means living in the library like it’s finals and being stressed like no other. It’s worse when you have two exams on one day too because you have to prioritize one over the other. Thankfully though I can go home for a week of relaxation after it is all over. Since I live far away I did not want to try to travel anywhere for spring break because then I would not see my family for almost five months. Also, my birthday was this past weekend and my friends and family from home want to celebrate. Unfortunately over spring break my dad will be out of town. I got lucky with the timing though for my sister’s school play. I will be home Friday night and her play is Saturday night so I will be back just in time! So far I already have made plans with my friends for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which I am very excited about. Most of my friends from home are still in high school though so they can’t hang out during the week because they have school. It will be nice to just hangout at home though and sleep and wait for my sisters to get home from school. I am looking forward to it a lot. The Saturday right before I leave to come back to school my family is going to have a little birthday celebration for me as well. I would like to go ice skating before I leave because I did not get the opportunity to over Christmas break, and some of my friends really hate ice skating because they don’t have the greatest balance. I’m curious to see if it’s warm at home since it’s still snowing here practically every other day. This weekend it actually snowed a good bit, which I wasn’t expecting. My grandparents are in Pittsburgh right now and they also said how it has been snowing often there.

Spring break will come and go though in the blink of an eye and I’ll be back up here to Mount Union. Not all of my professors are giving us a break and I have some homework that’s due the week I come back. Two classes have reading for the Monday I come back and my other class has a paper outline due the Thursday we come back. I don’t know how motivated I will be to do either of those things over spring break though. I liked the thought of doing absolutely nothing since I’m not working. If I come home on the train I will definitely be doing the work that Sunday on the 16-hour ride!

After spring break we have seven weeks left until the end of the semester, which is a crazy thought!! I cannot believe I am almost done with my freshman year! Where did the time go?! If all four years go this fast I really will be a senior in the blink of an eye. I feel like time has sped up since high school, and I thought that flew by! I wish there was a way to slow down time, but instead I just cherish every moment because I know how limited time is. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to summer a lot but at the same time I’m not ready to be away from my friends for four months! It’s one of those catch 22  situations. For all of you graduating high school seniors, make the most of your summer because it will go by faster than you want it to and before you know it you’ll be moving away (hopefully to Mount Union!).

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