Snowy start to spring

Mother Nature has decided that she has a little bit more winter to give us this year. Apparently she doesn’t want to spring to start on time this year. Since spring has started it has been snowing off and on throughout the days, usually accumulating to a couple inches. It’s not just Ohio that is experiencing bizarre spring weather either; my hometown got hit with a blizzard a day or two before the first day of spring. If April showers bring May flowers I wonder what April snow would bring… The forecast predicts next week to be accompanied by some snow showers still. The weather definitely does not make it feel as late in the year as it is, with the end of school literally just around the corner. We are down to about five weeks left! Part of the reason this may seem so hard to believe is because I’m used to not getting out until the first few weeks of June.

At any rate, most at Mount Union are hoping after we get back from Easter for some warming temperatures. Before Easter would be wonderful as well, but the forecast doesn’t look promising. If the snow was getting us some snow days its presence might be welcomed a little more but it just makes walking anywhere miserable. My boots and north face have gotten enough use this year; I’m ready to put them away.

I wish we could just switch to summer temperatures instead of have to go through spring though. I never know how to handle spring-y weather, because just a slight breeze can change the temperature from not needing a jacket to needing one. I’m a naturally cold person so unless it’s like 70 degrees I will usually have a sweatshirt on and pants, even if others say it’s warm out. The sun can make a big difference in the temperature though. Unfortunately it’s mostly cloudy here. Compared to Alliance my hometown is like sunshine city (Philadelphia suburb). If the temperature does warm up significantly though it will be very tempting to just hang out outside instead of doing homework and such! So I wouldn’t mind it just getting mild until I’m back home again.

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