Skype Surprises

Last Friday was my mom’s birthday and since I couldn’t go home to be with her, my dad set up a plan for me to Skype them. It’s a tradition in my family that the birthday person gets to chose what home cooked meal and cake they want for dinner. Both of my parents are excellent cooks and can really cook up some good treats! My meal is usually chicken in a biscuit with some type of shrimp and corn with homemade caesar salad. For dessert I usually choose a blizzard cake from Dairy Queen. My mom on the other hand prefers veil parmesan with pasta. She also gets an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. So after they were finished with dinner my dad called me and went in the other room with the computer. Then he brought me into the dining room and surprised my mom! We all sang happy birthday to her and I watched her blow out the candles. Thankfully I already had my sweets fixing at the cafe and wasn’t too jealous they were having ice cream cake. My dad then gave my mom the present I bought her at Christmas but wasn’t able to bring back home for winter break. It’s a Mount Union Christmas ornament. She was really excited about it because she loves Christmas and decorations; it was great to see her reaction. Then I watched her open all her other gifts and chatted with my parents for a little while afterwards. It was really nice to see them and my mom was really happy about seeing me as well, which was great. I know she really misses me so I hope it made this birthday a little more special than she thought it would be without me there.

Birthday’s and special traditions my family has (like a Super Bowl party) are things that I really miss when I’m at school. My little sister’s birthday is this Sunday so I will probably be skyping in to her dinner as well to be with them as much as I can. She usually likes to go to Chuck E Cheese’s though so it all depends what they have planned. I can’t believe she’s going to be nine already! Then in a month I’ll be 19! Time is really just flying by. Doing little things like this for your family though is always nice. It may seem trivial to you but your parents really will appreciate and adore it because they probably miss you more than you realize. My first semester I didn’t talk to my family all that much and I know they were really unhappy about that so I’m trying to stay as connected with them as I can with my busy schedule.

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