Skiing/Snowboarding? Sure!

Some of the AIS members at Snow Trails in Mansfield, OH.

At the beginning of this spring 2013 semester, the Association of International Students (AIS) took some of its members to a nearby ski resort in northeast Ohio to put all that snow we’ve been getting to good use.

A total of 16 international students went on this trip. Snow Trails in Mansfield was the destination.

Some of the students who went on this ski trip were relatively skilled; coming from European nations or from Japan, where snow and skiing is a common thing. Coming from tropical Malaysia, I was a little less prepared.

I think the smartest thing to do for a first-timer at a ski resort is to take up skiing. I decided to be a little less smart and took up snowboarding instead.

It was amazing!

It always looked so easy when you see people doing it in movies. It looked effortless when I watched the Winter X-Games on TV the night before. But let me be the first to admit that Shawn White made me think snowboarding was too easy. That did not help me when I had to do the actual thing. So I fell. I fell once, twice and maybe thirty times. All that in my first hour of snowboarding, mind you.

After about five hours of falling, with some snowboarding, I was aching all around.

This trip was just one of the many things that the AIS does to take the students away from their daily routines and escape into a different world. One of the goals of AIS is to take the international students, as well as any American students who wish to join, out for different activities. We all know the value of a getaway from the stress of school and work.

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