Sick Days

Hello all!

The beginning of my spring semester did not go as I had planned. The Friday before school started I got very sick. I was at work all day (starting at 11 a.m.) and was feeling off but didn’t think much of it. I had goosebumps and felt nauseous but it was my last shift so I tried to just stick it out. My mom and I were supposed to go to dinner after I got off work and go see a movie together before I left to go back to school. The night before I did the same thing with my dad. My mom was coming before I got off work to take my check to the bank, so I was planning to ask her to pick me up some medicine as well. When she came in she knew I didn’t feel well and said it felt like I was starting to warm up, which would explain the goosebumps. I tried to be persistent and insist that we have our night out but in my head all I really wanted to do was cuddle up in bed and sleep. We talked through it and decided that with school Monday I should do all I can to stay well, so I agreed to go home after work. By the time we got back, I had an actual fever and was really feeling drained.

No one expected that I had the flu and that it would last as long as it did. I had plans to go ice skating on Saturday, which in my head believed I could still go. I was very mistaken. I had fever spikesĀ in the early morning, late morning and afternoon/evening Saturday. Each spike lasted about four hours between getting the chills and then having my fever spike up to 102. The doctor’s didn’t want to see me because they suspected it was the flu and didn’t want me spreading my germs in their office. Since the flu is a viral infection there is nothing they could do for me. I could have got a prescription for Tamiflu, but my parents didn’t like its risky side effects.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were the worst days with three or four fevers in a 24- hour period. Tuesday I only had two episodes, Wednesday I had one at night and zero on Thursday. I was very weak by Thursday though from all the tensing and shivering the chills gave me and from lying in bed for almost a week. When I had a fever I would get awful headaches and experience dizziness, so I only got up when I had to.

My parents wanted me to go 48 hours without a fever to make sure it wouldn’t come back. This took me up to Friday so I missed the whole first week of classes. I decided to stay home then until Monday since we had a long weekend and I didn’t get to spend the time with my family that I wanted to the previous weekend. I planned to take the train back to Mount Union (which would have been 12 hours long) but my dad graciously offered to drive me back on Monday to save me the hassle. I was really grateful for that! I made it back to Mount Union on Monday around lunchtime. I was happy to be back and healthy again. That was definitely the worst time I have ever been sick. I was lucky that I did not have other symptoms of the flu such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Want to know how I got back on track after missing a WHOLE week of class?! Read my next blog titled Getting Back on Track! Stay healthy this flu season! Getting the flu shot will not protect you though, the flu that developed is a different kind so make sure to germ-x frequently and do not share anything!

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