Senior Research Project–Check!

In one of my last posts, I wrote about the SCE (Senior Culminating Experience). I had to work on a research project for three semesters, write a paper and present to the Department of Communication, all of the communication seniors and our families and friends.

I finished putting my paper together last weekend, and it ended up being 32 pages. Whew. So glad that is done though. I’m very proud of it and all I can hope for at this point is that my professors like it too!

Also, last weekend I finished putting my presentation together and rehearsed my presentation a few times. The SCE Symposium (where the communication seniors present their SCE’s for the professors, fellow students, families and friends) was on Tuesday night. My parents and boyfriend came up for the event and I was so glad to have them there.

The majority of the class presented their research through posters. This portion of the event included the seniors standing by their posters and answering any questions that people had about their projects. After that part was over, it was time for the formal (oral) presentations. I, along with four other students, presented mine this way.

Since it was alphabetical, I was second to present. I was nervous, but confident because I knew exactly what I was going to talk about since I worked on it for the past three semesters. I created my presentation at so it was a little more exciting than a PowerPoint. I got a few laughs throughout my presentation and received a bunch of questions from the professors during my question and answer session.

Overall, I am really happy with how my research project turned out. I’m really glad I did a content analysis of TV show Teen Mom. I learned a lot about the research project, everything that goes into writing a huge research paper and also a lot about the show and its themes.

One thing that I would say future communication students should know is to be very sure of your research so you can be prepared for the questions that the professors will fire at you. It also shows in your presentation when you are confident of the research you’ve completed and when you actually like the topic that you studied.

That’s all for now. So glad that I can say that’s over. :]



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