Senior Goodbyes

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by and in two weeks students on campus will be packing up and heading home to their families for the summer. Last week, we had our “senior wills,” for the seniors in Alpha Chi Omega. Seniors wills is basically a time where we all get together to say goodbye to the seniors and they say goodbye or maybe just “see ya later” to the rest of the sorority. At the senior wills banquet, the seniors’ littles will read letters to them that the seniors’ parents have written. This usually gets very emotional, but is always nice to hear. Then, the seniors will respond by reading a letter to the entire chapter.

After all the emotional stuff is over with, it’s time to hand down presents :] The seniors usually like to “will” down a bunch of their sorority stuff to the younger girls in the chapter. This is mainly because they won’t be using/or wearing it as much after they graduate. It is also because through the years of being in Alpha Chi, the amount of t-shirts and other clothing that you accumulate is insane! I have only been a part of the sorority for two semesters and I already have way too many t-shirts! I feel like before I know it, I’ll be at senior wills giving all of my Alpha Chi stuff away to new girls in the chapter … but I think I’d rather not think about that :]

One piece of advice that was told from all of the seniors was this: “Live it up, and have fun.” So as I end my sophomore year, I’m going to always remember that, because time doesn’t stop for anyone and it goes by way too fast!

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