Saving Lives, It’s Their Job

Have you ever had to call 911 and you were relaxed about it? It’s not something the average person can do. In a medical emergency though, some of the calmest people are the paramedics. Their job is to expect the worst and to be able to help whoever may be injured. They are the every day heroes that most people forget about. For me, I was supposed to go on an ambulance during an emergency for class! We would have to go to the ambulance house in Alliance and wait for an emergency to happen. Now most people would say “You’re waiting on someone to get hurt so you can learn?” Well yes, experience is key in the medical field and injuries are happening every day. Whenever you watch the news, you always see an ambulance at some tragic accident, but with me, this wasn’t the case. Thank goodness.

The first time I went to the ambulance, I didn’t know what to expect. I was expecting everything you hear on television, and I was nervous and excited. I was there for 3 hours, and I simply watched television because there was no emergency. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to be able to experience what the EMT’s experience as a part of every day life. The next time I went, within 5 minutes there was a call. I wasn’t completely sure that we were leaving because the two paramedics I was with, just walked at a quick pace. They weren’t running like there was a fire. I just followed them, got in and heard the sirens.

I wasn’t nervous at all because I’m around athletes when they get injured so I know what an emergency situation is like. It’s not that I am becoming numb from it being an emergency, it’s just that I know that being calm is the best idea. Sometimes if you get overworked about it, you make a big deal out of something that really isn’t that bad. You have to be able to remain calm and deal with a serious injury when you have a job such as an athletic trainer or paramedic.

So what happened on that first emergency? An elderly woman fell off her wheel chair and hit her head. Before we arrived there were two fire and rescue men there already assisting the lady. She didn’t need any transportation and she would end up being OK. After I studied for an hour at the ambulance house, I decided it was time to go. But right before I walked out the door, there was another call. I didn’t mind riding along. We heard over the radio that a woman drove into Rite Aid. When we arrived, there was already firefighters and police officers on scene. The first thing I saw was a large dent in the brick wall of Rite Aid. She didn’t drive through, but she definitely hit it hard. Thankfully, the elderly woman would be OK and nobody was harmed. This was something that the paramedics and I laughed about. Nobody was harmed and there was a hole in the wall, but how can you not laugh?

These definitely aren’t the typical calls you expect to hear about but they happen nearly every day for the paramedics. Tragedies do happen and paramedics along with athletic trainers are trained for those scenarios. For me, I like that small rush of adrenaline when there is an emergency. Not knowing what you are going to see or if you are going to have to help save someone’s life is a nerve-wracking feeling, but if you do your part and do everything that you are capable of doing, then it is worth it. I remember saying to myself before I was even a teenager that if I stay out of everyone’s business, nothing bad will happen to me. That’s not the case anymore, I want to be able to help the injured and make them feel like better than they did before the injury.

Have you ever been in an ambulance? Leave a comment and tell me about it.

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