Saturday Struggle

Everyone knows that Sunday is the day for homework, but what about Saturday? I always plan on accomplishing so much on Saturday but it is such a struggle every week to find the motivation. If I used time better I could probably get so much done on Saturday but it’s tempting to just lay around after a long week. Friday I really get nothing done because I am spent by the time classes get out so I try to make up for it by being productive on Saturday’s to lighten my load Sunday but it’s easier said then done. After a week of homework and studying, spending the weekend doing homework and studying is not the most tempting option. One weekend my friend and I literally just laid on her futon all day and watched TV and then listened to music. It was a very relaxing day! Sunday was pretty busy because of it though so it’s a trade off. This weekend I really only have one paper that I would like to get done so I’m not sure if I will be able to bring myself to write it today or save it for tomorrow. I only have until about p.m. tomorrow for homework though because of chapter and powderpuff so I’ll have to be in the zone tomorrow afternoon. Getting to the gym can also be a struggle on Saturday after a long week of insanity and running. Once I get myself there I’m good but getting dressed to go there and walking over is where the problem is. Every Saturday is slightly different but I do usually try to at least get one thing done so I can feel somewhat productive! If you find yourself overwhelmed on Sundays or would rather relax before Monday don’t forget Saturday studying is an option. Do what works best for you!

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