Road to Raider Guide

On campus we have students who are called Raider Guides who supervise freshmen during orientation weekend and have specific dorms
that they hold office hours and events. It is a program to try and
get the students to interact with each other and a place for students
to meet others in their building. I am pretty close with my Raider Guide and a few others so when the opportunity arose to apply to be
one for next year, I immediately decided to go for it. I think it
would be so cool to be a Raider Guide! You would get to meet a bunch
of new people and would be someone stable who a worrying freshman
could come to with any problems they are having adjusting or general
questions. I really enjoy helping people out, which is why I’m a psychology major, and I see this as an opportunity to better my skills. I
also love the community/family that develops with the Raider Guides. I would enjoy being able to meet even more upperclassman and spend time learning and getting to know them. I think
being a Raider Guide improves many skills that will be useful in the
job market. It definitely develops your communication skills, 
which is very important when trying to get a job. I think being a
Raider Guide also improves your leadership skills, which again is a
good skill to be able to demonstrate in job positions. Being a
Raider Guide also helps your creativity because you are always trying
to find ways to make fun activities and incentives for the students
to come. All in all, I do not see any downsides to being a Raider Guide, just great benefits. The process of being considered for the
job includes an application with general information and short answer
questions, an initial interview, a group interview, and if you
make the cut, a second interview. Last Tuesday I had my second
interview and now I am hoping for the best! We find out the day
before my birthday, March 1! So cross your fingers for me and I might end up seeing you at
orientation as your Raider Guide!

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