Relay for Life is music themed!

This year’s going to be really cool. They always come up with such fun themes. This year it’s Relay for Life: Battle of the Ban(d) Cancer. So it’s like, we’re banning cancer!

I’m super excited it’s music themed too. We have a team from the Department of Music, and our theme is “Please Don’t Stop the Music.” Basically, people can pay us to go follow someone around and play an annoying song at them, and they have to pay us to stop playing.

I, for one, am learning “It’s a Small World After All.” Ya know, that really annoying and repetitive song from the Disney ride? Hee hee !

I think that’ll get some pretty interesting reviews.

I’m just excited for the night in general though too. Each hour is going to be a different theme of music, so that’ll be pretty cool. For example, there’s going to be 50’s at 7 p.m., and a rave at 4 a.m. There’s also going to be 80s, 90s, 2K, country, pop, R&B, line dancing—pretty much any musical genre you could ever come up with.

Did you hear that? A RAVE of techno music is going to be happening this weekend at Mount Union. I know I’m going to be there. How about you?

As the WRMU program director, I’m kind of heading up DJ-ing for the event. That’s 18 hours of music, and I am READY!

We stay up all night because “cancer doesn’t sleep.” Our goal is 18 straight hours of fundraising.

I can’t wait to have a ton of fun with my friends and raise some money to help fight cancer!

It’s this Friday (April 19) at 6 p.m. until Saturday April 20 at noon. It’ll be in the Peterson Field House in the MAAC. If you want to participate or donate, go here!

Hope to see you there!



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