I am truly amazed that it is almost the end of the semester. I keep asking myself where the time went! I can remember all the way back to the first weekends of being here, and it is crazy how much can change in just 15 weeks. I knew it would probably go by fast, but I still can’t believe it.

Overall, it’s been a great first semester! I got a job, I got into a sorority, I got involved with community service and the Regula Center and I’ve been able to keep my grades up without too much of a problem.

I thought the transition to college was actually pretty easy. There were some things that were different, such as having to keep up with a syllabus, but nothing that was too hard to handle. Learning to live with someone else was pretty easy because we live the same lifestyle. We don’t really have any disagreements with the state of our room, which can sometimes be super messy. I’ve kind of always had my own schedule and have been very efficient with managing time so that was another aspect that I already had under control that other people sometimes have a hard time adjusting to. Making schedules of your day and keeping a planner definitely helps to make sure you’re completing the assignments you need to in a timely fashion.

My professors’ teaching styles weren’t very different than what I am used to from high school, except some don’t want you to write down everything that is said in class. Professors would prefer you just write down anything extra and then print the class slides afterwards. None of my professors lecture without PowerPoint’s, which makes me extremely happy because that was a big worry of mine.

Naps are one way to adjust to late nights and early mornings and are pretty much a college staple. Before coming to college, I rarely ever had time to nap and now I do it at least three times a week and sometimes it’s my favorite part of my day. There is a definite difference between my college schedule and high school schedule because when you’re in high school you’re at school for so long, but at college you have a lot of free time. Of course most of that time will have to be used to get all your assignments done, but I have never really felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of work I’ve needed to do in a specific time frame.

Setting realistic goals for what you can accomplish every day when you make your schedule helps. Don’t overbook your day with too much work and stress yourself out that you didn’t have time to do it all. Make sure to work ahead though! With studying, I usually start preparing 3-4 days before the test and with assignments I get them done as soon as I can, even if they aren’t due until the next week. Finals are a little scary to me, but only one is over what I learned over the whole semester, and the other two are just another exam. I don’t think I have too much to worry about though, so I’m not letting myself get stressed out about it. I just hope for the best!

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