It has now been one month since I have moved to Italy and I have already seen and learned so much about not only the world, but also about myself. I wanted to look back and reflect on this past month.


  1. Tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain
  2. Watching the sun set over the beautiful city of Florence (while being serenaded)
  3. My discovery of European chocolate and tiramisu gelato

Hardest part:

  1. Missing my family and friends (this could actually take spots 2 and 3 as well)
  2. The brutal walks and classes outside in the cold
  3. Adjusting to Italian culture; accepting that it’s not “wrong,” it’s just different!

Biggest disappointments:

  1. The extremely thin, burnt Italian pizza
  2. American music playing everywhere in Viterbo
  3. Trying my hardest at speaking Italian in Rome and being replied to in English

What I’m most looking forward to now:

  1. Seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night
  2. Girls’ trip to Sicily
  3. The upcoming winery field trip

After all that has happened in the first month alone, I can’t wait to see what February has in store!

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