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Hi there!

All of the kids are out of school and summer has (almost) officially begun! The sun is shining, the greens are bloomed (allergy season is almost over) and, well, it is the best time of the year!

Indians aren’t doing so hot lately, but ya know, that’s ok. We had a fun winning streak while it lasted. A losing streak doesn’t make a difference to me; I am still enjoying my part-time job with the Tribe.

However, I started a new part-time summer gig this week, which will help me keep busy, bring in some extra cash and use my communication knowledge that I’ve gained at Mount Union.

I am starting to do some communication/marketing/public relations work for Aladdin’s Eatery. My mom works in the corporate offices for the restaurant and I’ve always helped out with random tasks. However, now that I want to improve my skills and add some more hands-on experience, I am now moving past the random tasks and having way more responsibilities.

My favorite part of the new gig is working with social media. Ok, I’ll admit it… I am kind of a social media nerd — totally proud of it though! I’ve seen how the Indians used social media last year with my internship, and of course I see how my campus organizations use it, but now I get a whole new point of view! Restaurants have many different and unique ways to interact with their customers and social media has a big influence on many of the ways.

Another one of my favorite tasks that I am responsible for is the calendar making for the restaurants, which will allow me to use my graphic design skills. Even things as simple as making a calendar require a lot of creativity! I will be helping with monthly newsletters and fundraising events as well!

Overall, this job will give me a taste of the whole communication/marketing/public relations field. What is nice is the fact that I am pretty familiar with the business because of my mom, so that will make the learning experience a little bit easier.

This coming week will be full of excitement! The stars of one of my favorite TV shows, Hot In Cleveland, will be in Cleveland for the season premiere of their show and I plan on attending some of the events. I’ll be sure to keep you updated :]

Have a great week!



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