Procrastination. This is the one subject all college students become the best in. College is a lot different than high school. Projects are assigned and then due months later and the only reminder sometimes is the syllabus you are given on the first day. One of the only ways to combat procrastination is preparing in advance. I personally use a lot of to-do lists and keep track of all my school assignment due dates in my planner. Despite my best effort to be organized and on top of assignments, procrastination still gets the best of me. I have pulled a few all nighters in the 24 our area of the library at Mount Union and even more nights I’ve went with only a few hours of sleep. It’s not a wise decision to stay up late to finish an assignment but when procrastination gets the best of you, it’s sometimes the only option. My best advice when procrastination gets the best of you is to stay up as late as it takes to finish the assignment properly.

It is not the best experience staying up late to finish a assignment but it is worth it to hand in and assignment well done then an assignment half completed. Almost everyone I know at Mount Union has spent late nights in the library; some are more frequent visitors to the 24 hour area than others. Everyone struggles with procrastination and during finals week when it is nice outside, studying for finals is a difficult thing to accomplish. Personally, I cannot wait for finals week to be over as it will be hectic with studying and working for the Indians. This is one week of the year that I believe I can defeat procrastination, after all once finals are over, it is summer!

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