Preparation for New Students

Although we, the current students of Mount Union, have left campus for the summer, the University has not slowed down a bit since we left. Driving back up to campus today, it hit me how nice and beautiful our campus really is. With the grass cut, trees pruned and lakes sparkling, the whole presentation is really something to see in person.

The campus is getting all dolled up primarily for the new students that will be visiting over the summer as we near the coming semester in the fall. Much like a first date, you want to make sure you are cleaned up and looking sharp for the meeting. Mount Union has undoubtedly succeeded on this front and looks stunning. Kudos to all of the students and staff responsible for helping out.

I know we just got back home and have settled in for about a week, but if you find yourself with a need to drive through Alliance, or back to Mount, be sure to take a little time to wander around campus. I think the actual “Mount Union Experience ©” started when we first walked on campus as freshmen. Take some time to reminisce and enjoy the view.

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