Pandora’s Box. Where By ‘Box’ I Mean ‘Radio’

Pandora Radio might be the single most used app and website I visit other than Facebook. Although music has always helped me to make it through large amounts of homework, I find that when I am in control of the song order, I spend a lot of time switching tracks or setting up new playlists. Enter Pandora.

One of the reasons radio has remained so popular over the years, even with on-demand music from iPods or websites, is because there is something very freeing (and addictive), about not being in control of the song track order. The only problem is that before, turning on the radio was a bit like playing Russian Roulette; every time the song would end you had the possibility of having to sit through a track you don’t enjoy. Pandora solves this problem by “creating” channels based on what you’re in the mood to hear. All you do is type in a song, artist or genre you want to listen to and Pandora throws together a playlist which revolves around the musical elements you chose. The result is the perfect combination of random music, but all from things you like.

Pandora is free to use, with occasional audio ads, and you can create an account to save your custom stations. If you haven’t looked into its website or app yet, I highly recommend you do; and prepare to kiss your old radio goodbye.

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  • Kyle Work says:

    Try – it has no commercials and saves a library of all the songs you have heard. Plus, you can “love” a track which will save it in a separate library. I used to use pandora all the time, but I really prefer now.

    • is a great service as well. Although, at least to me, Pandora seems to do a better job of playing music that I want to hear when I type in an artist, song, etc.

      The only thing I wish Pandora did was keep track of all the songs you listen to like you mentioned with Those sorts of stats are really interesting to look at once you’ve been at it for a couple months.

  • I thank you for this tip. I have been able to do all my work just by listening to my music which is so helpful for me. I will surely try this.

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