Outer space and pirates, what?!

During our next home game, the Mount Union Marching Band will perform some music from some of America’s favorite movies – Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean!

I always appreciate that Mr. Willis, the band director, throws some fun music into our shows. It always makes the music fun to learn, and when it gets to the snowy season, it makes freezing rehearsals a little less miserable.

One year we did Disney, and a bunch of us just about died of joy.

It’s also really cool that Mr. Willis arranges a lot of our music. In fact, he arranged our Star Wars piece. Chances are, if you’re watching a Mount Union Marching Band halftime show, you’re hearing some original arrangements by our very own Mr. Willis. Not everyone can say that, so I appreciate it.

The drill to the Pirates piece is pretty fun. I won’t give too much away, but I will say that we’re going to try to make the football field a little bit like a pirate flag… Pretty neat stuff right there.

Marching band is one of the reasons I chose Mount Union. I wanted to play my trumpet here, but I didn’t want to have to be in one of those crazy-huge competition marching bands. I also didn’t want to risk not being in band because of not making it through an audition process. Mount Union’s Marching Band is great because there aren’t auditions and the size is just right. Plus, the people are just great. We’re a pretty close-knit group and we have a lot of fun. For example, we have an entire Facebook page called “Willisisms” because Mr. Willis has these fun sayings that make us laugh. “Command the ground!” or “Only the strong do band!”

We’re actually using our phones to learn drill. This is new. Mr. Willis has been sending us the PDFs, and whenever we learn new drill, we can use our smart phones instead of having to print out a bazillion pieces of paper. Mount Union band is going green and tech-savvy!

Learning awesome drill to fun music is one of the many perks of being in the Mount Union Marching Band.

So whenever you come see a Mount Union game, pay attention to the field at halftime. We’re actually doing some pretty niffy things down there.

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