OATA Cavs Night

The Ohio Athletic Training Association (OATA) offers presentations throughout Ohio for athletic trainers and other health professionals. These presentations are given by anyone from surgeons to athletic trainers to physical therapists. On Sunday, March 11, a presentation was held at Quicken Loans Arena right before the Cavs game. The Athletic Training Club at Mount Union encourages members to attend these presentations as it exposes us to the real world and allows us to network with professionals.

Five of us attended the two presentations on Sunday. The first one, which was very interesting, was about barefoot running. Barefoot running is healthy because it allows your legs to get stronger while catching your body weight. Running barefoot puts 50%-70% of all your body weight on your feet, while running with shoes on, puts 150%-200% of your body weight on your feet. You let the cushioning of the shoe take the blow, which really just sends a big shock throughout your leg, adding unneeded stress to your body. If you’re going to do this, train into it slowly as it takes months to fully adapt. The other presentation focused on how young athletes are more likely to have a bone chip rather than an ankle sprain.

After the presentations, we attended the basketball game. They won, surprisingly. Overall, I thought this was a great experience, and it only cost $10. We got discounts from OATA and from the Athletic Training Club at Mount Union. Hands down, this was easily the best $10 I have ever spent.

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