New Members!

Last week was super busy for the new sisters of Alpha Chi Omega who received open bids from the chapter this semester. Last week was “Initiation Week,” which consists of a number of different ceremonies, ending with the initiation of the new members. While last week was chaotic and very busy, it was also really fun. The new girls finally got their bigs, which is one of the most exciting things about being in a sorority! A big is a kind of like your “mom” in the sorority. The new girls get to preference girls who they might want to have as their bigs. And, the older girls who want to be a big, preference girls they might want as their littles. Once they are matched up, there is a reveal night for the bigs and littles. This was an awesome thing for me last semester when I received my big.

The week before you find out who your big is, she will send you clues and leave fun stuff in your mailbox to try and give you a hint on who your big might be. But, in most cases, they just trick you more than actually helping you figure out who it is. That is exactly what my big did. She had me thinking she got another girl for her little, and was giving me all of this false information that really led me to believe it wasn’t her. So, on my big/little reveal night, when I found out it was her, I was really shocked and it was awesome! Big/ little reveal is a great night! It’s really something special for the new girls, because they are finally a part of the “family,” and it’s the start of great friendships!

Congratulations to Jenna Balasz, Casey Bauman, Ashlee Brim, Gina Bonnett, Megan Saunders and Lauren Zimmerman, who finally received their bigs this week and are officially members of Alpha Chi Omega!


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