New Language

This semester I am taking a language class. I chose to take French because during my junior year I want to study abroad and am thinking about going to France. I thought it would be awesome to be familiar with the language of the country. So instead of taking one year of Spanish (which I took in high school), I went with French. So far I really enjoy it but it is definitely something very new. It’s surprising how much Spanish I actually still remember which blocks my knowledge of the newly learned French vocabulary. When words are spelled the same in French as in Spanish I almost always pronounce it the way it would be in Spanish. Unfortunately the two languages actually sound nothing alike even though on paper they look similar. In French, a lot of the endings are just not pronounced for words. Also, words that are plural sound the same as the singular tense! The rules are just so different. I am getting the hang of it though and have a test tomorrow to prove how much I’ve absorbed so far! I do enjoy learning it. It’s just a lot of note cards and repeated studying. My professor is great though which I think will impact how I succeed in the class. She goes through a lot of the vocabulary with us multiple times and has us speak French in class with each other to practice pronunciation. We also took a practice test before our exam which was great to see how exactly our exam would be set up. I love hearing our professor speak in French. I think it’s a really pretty language. Hopefully I can sound half as good as she does by the time I’m done with French 2!

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