New Apartments

It’s hard to believe I am half way through my college career. It seems just like yesterday that my parents dropped me off at Cunningham Hall to begin my freshmen year. Freshmen year was a blast and I got the chance to meet and become friends with a lot of the people in my dorm. Everyone typically complains about the size of freshmen dorms but most of the first-year dorms at Mount are very decent in size. Also, having a community bathroom is not as bad as most would think. The exciting thing about housing at Mount is the ability to have a suite-style bedroom in only your second year. Like I have previously discussed, this year I’m living in Shields Hall, which has two bedrooms connected to a private bathroom. Next year, I will be living in the new apartments near the Sigma Nu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternities. The new apartments will be three stories and feature a kitchen, living room and half bath on the first floor, two bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor and two bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room on the third. While I enjoyed living in Shields this year, I am definitely looking forward to living in the new apartments where the majority of my friends will also be living.

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