Nervous Breakdown

There is a wide range of emotions that I go through every year of school. I love school, but I only remember the good parts of it. I try to block out all of the studying and freaking out before an exam because that is not what I want to remember. I still have seven semesters left of college, so how am I going to get through all of this nervousness? You’d think after going to school since I was five, I wouldn’t be as nervous of school, but I am.

No matter how hard I study, I still get nervous before an exam. I am definitely not an A+ student, but I still know what I am doing since I have studied almost everything I have had to study. I can know all of the information on a test but no matter what, I will still be freaking out in my head. I’m going to fail … I’m going to let my grades drop … I’m going to let my family down … I’m going to lose my scholarships!

After the test, a lot of weight is thrown off my shoulders and I am able to relax and let my brain rest. These pre-test jitters are almost uncontrollable, but I just keep telling myself that no matter what, it is only a test and time will keep on ticking.

The same goes for wrestling. I have wrestled hundreds of matches but before every match, I still get nervous. I will even get nervous on the bus ride that may take five hours just to get there. No matter what, I don’t show it because if I do my opponent will see it and take advantage. Being nervous doesn’t put me down though, I feed off of it. It is a fire that won’t burn me because I am holding that fire and lighting the way for myself.

You can’t let being nervous get to you. Whenever you get nervous, you have to feed off of that energy and tell yourself that no matter what, you will make it through whatever is in your way. Whether it is an exam, a wrestling match or asking a girl on a date, I don’t let me nerves get to me. I just get over it until my goal is done. After I do it, I am happy I was able to go through with it and I am able to not regret anything afterward.

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    This is exactly what I needed to read at the moment. I really like this post. I will make
    sure to keep this in mind whenever I start stressing out about finals.

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