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I’m not sure if all other schools are like this, but here at Mount, every student is required to have a major and at least one minor. That is unless they have two majors, in which case they are good to go. In addition, a good number of students don’t have just one minor; instead they have two or three. I personally have two minors – intervention specialist and sociology – and am considering adding another in art just to add more depth to my college career. Each minor is obviously different, but beyond those obvious differences, there are also different credit hour requirements; some are 18, while some are only 12.

Today, I’d like to talk about a psychology minor. Now, it’s my major, so I’m slightly biased toward recommending! It’s 15 credit hours, which is 5 courses… not too bad, right?! It also offers A LOT of wiggle room. Every psych minor is required to take Introduction to Psychological Science (PY 100), which also can fulfill a general education requirement, but aside from this, the last 4 courses are completely up to you! The department offers a wide range of courses that can fit almost anyone’s interests and major. Let’s take a look at a major that psychology would fit perfectly into as a supplemental minor.

First, we’ll touch on a popular major at Mount Union: education. Just quickly going through the psychology course offerings, I find 7 courses that would be helpful for a future educator to take… and a psych minor only needs 5 courses so you could take all education-related psychology classes! Being an education major, you learn all the things you’d need to know including real-world experiences and everything you need to know to be a teacher… potentially the day after you receive your diploma! The purpose of Mount Union making a minor a requirement, however, is to broaden horizons and make students have a more well-rounded education. Psychology is helpful in almost all education settings.

Next, instead of basic psychology, let’s talk about cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, which is a part of the Department of Psychology. This minor is a little less open-ended with 17 credit hours; there are 4 required courses and room for one course of choice. These required courses are integral to this minor, so it makes sense to make them mandatory to take. This minor would be perfect for a biology major who was also interested in the biology of the brain.

In the end, any minor offered is going to be helpful and you don’t have to choose just one! This is just me letting you know that psychology is an option and a useful one at that!

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