My Favorite Job-Umpiring

The most common question when you’re getting to know someone is: “What’s one unique thing most people don’t know about you?” My answer always is: I am a certified baseball umpire.

It is pretty obvious by now that baseball is my passion, and when I was a freshmen in high school I decided that my summer job would be umpiring youth league baseball games. I have been an OHSAA certified umpire for six years, and for the last two, I have earned Class 1 rank, which is the highest umpire classification in Ohio. Most people ask why in the world I would ever consider such a job, but I feel like it is not even a job. I get paid to be involved with baseball.

I was only 15 when I umpired my first game … and yes I was nervous, but the key is to be confident. Some coaches now will even try to test me when they see a young umpire behind the plate. But, I am only young in age, as I have more umpire experience than umpires twice my age. Last summer, I umpired 75 baseball games that ranged from high school games to eight-year-old travel baseball games. I have even had the honor to umpire in Cooperstown, New York twice for weeklong national baseball tournaments. I would suggest that anyone who has a passion for baseball consider becoming an umpire.

Because of umpiring I have a lot of life experiences that I am able to draw upon later in life, and the major life skill I have learned is to be confident. I have not been able to umpire a lot of high school baseball games so far this year due to my internships, but this Tuesday I will be umpiring my first game of the season – a JV baseball game in the Canton area. I have always considered attempting to become a MLB umpire but this is an even more daunting task than attempting to become a MLB player. This summer, I will have the honor of being able to meet a MLB umpire who I have been connected with through a mutual friend. Since MLB does not disclose where umpires will be stationed prior to the beginning of each series, I unfortunately do not know when this opportunity will occur. However, I make sure to check out the umpires for every game at Progressive Field.

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