As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, I am a music major. I love music and it is my life. The one thing that many people don’t know about music majors is our schedules. A music major has classes all day and they aren’t just classes that start at noon.  Actually, most classes have started before or by 10 in the morning. Another part to our schedule is recitals. We are required to attend and participate in a certain number of recitals every semester or our grades for lessons will go down. Being a freshman, I just completed my first recital performance and let me just say I was very nervous, but I played my bassoon piece well.

Even though our days start pretty early, that doesn’t mean we don’t go to bed early. In fact, many of the classes we take require practicing parts. Basic Musicianship is a class taken all through freshman and sophomore year and it requires a lot of practice. The class helps music students learn what they will need to be teaching or using in music.

If anyone ever has the chance, come over to Cope and hear some wonderful music. There are always recitals going on and there are many amazing musicians in this building!

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