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mount app 

Note: This is an unofficial application I am developing as an honors computer science project. The University is planning on releasing its own app this coming summer.

How would you like to carry around Mount Union in your pocket?

I wanted to give you all a little glimpse of my current project. For my computer science CS485 class, I’m developing an iPhone application for Mount Union! That’s right, iPhone lovers, come this April you will be able download the lovely “Mount Mobile” app from the Appstore. I’m not releasing any details right now, but I have quite a few features I know you’ll love at launch.

While not the “official” application for Mount Union, it does give me the chance to experiment with many different technologies in the computer science field. I’ll be spending the next couple months working on this to prepare for (hopefully) a SCHOLAR Day presentation. I’ll keep you updated as I go, but I thought you could use a little teaser. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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