Missing Out

Last semester I was pretty good with not being homesick. I felt I was
home for all the major events that happened at home. But, this semester
I really feel like I am missing out. In January, I missed celebrating
my mom’s birthday. In February, I missed celebrating my popop and
sister’s birthday. In early February, I missed our annual Super Bowl
celebration, and I also missed the nice Valentine’s Day dinner my
family had. The beginning of next month is my birthday and I won’t be
home for that either. Yesterday I got a call from my littlest sister
telling me how she was communion dress shopping with my mom and
grandmother. I was so jealous and wish I could’ve went out with them!
I love all formal dress shopping. Prom shopping, even though it’s
super stressful, was always something that I looked forward to. I’m sad not to be going this year but I have some friends who are seniors
this year that I may accompany in their shopping endeavors.

Back to my birthday… I think my family was actually planning to come up
and surprise me until they realized my spring break was the weekend
after. So I will celebrate my actual birthday here with my friends
and then go home and have a small party with my family. I hope I
still get to have a birthday meal made for me! It’s a tradition in
our house that my parents cook the birthday person’s favorite meal
and preferred cake, or go out to wherever the birthday person’s want to (my
sister Kayla usually goes to Chuck E. Cheese’s). Knowing I have a
celebration waiting for me at home gives me something to look forward
to the week before spring break, which is filled with exams and

I’m thankful I will be home for some pretty important events for my sisters. My
sister Jessica is in the school play, which will go on one of the
weekends I am home, so I will be able to see her perform. I will also
be home for the actual celebration of my little sister’s first holy
communion. My other sister and Dad’s birthday are both in June (same
day actually) so I will also be there for that celebration.

When I miss out on something it makes me wish I went to a school closer to
home. But when I think about all I will be there for, it isn’t as bad
and I know my family understands. Just have to stay positive and
focus on other things!

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