There has been a recent report on CNN of a severe meningitis infection that has infected 100 and killed eight. The virus that has infected these people has been a rare strain of the virus that is noncontagious. The source seems to be a contaminated steroid injection. This gives us a big problem in America because over 13,000 people are reported to have received the medicine. This could cause a big travel and lead to the infection of many more. The company responsible for the contaminated medicine is the New England Compound Center. It has been restricted from producing and selling any other medicine by the FDA until further investigation is done. The NECC Company has distributed these medicines to many states, although deaths were only reported in the state of Tennessee. The medicines were sent to Florida, Indiana, North Carolina and Ohio.

After reviewing this problem, I have to ask myself whose fault is it really for this simple outbreak that could harm the whole nation? In the end, I put the blame on the FDA and the company that distributed the products. As a company, the organization has to take full responsibility for the outcomes of the products that it puts out, especially as a health company. I also am finding it easy to apply the concepts that we have learned in class to this situation. The form of prevention that the company is in would be secondary prevention. It has to work on stopping the problem by keeping track of the subjects who have received this vaccine.

By: Walter Mitchell, Class of 2016

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