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Welcome! Before I introduce myself I want to inform you on the reason I am writing this blog. Mount Union has provided me with a ton of opportunities and has allowed me to succeed from the very start of my collegiate career. I want to inform others about a truly great place that will allow you to grow both personally and academically. I have enjoyed being a Purple Raider and I know you will too. I am currently in the midpoint of my college years (sophomore), so I hope I will be able to provide experiences and advice of what to expect in the early years and what is to come in the future.

First, I need to talk about where I came from before talking about where I am now. I spent four great years in purple and black at Berkshire High School in Burton, Ohio. Burton is a small town in Northeast Ohio and is famous for pancake breakfasts. Sports were my passion in high school and this has lead directly to my major in college.

I am majoring in sport business and accounting.  Double majoring is something I have always wanted to do and these majors do not just stem from my passion for sports but more so from my passion for business. I find business very intriguing and all the components that it consists of.  In sport business I am learning how one of the most lucrative businesses in the world operates. Accounting has also always been interesting to me. My goal is to become an executive with a professional sports team and accounting is an essential skill. Businesses are always concerned with their budgets and revenue, and in accounting you learn the bottom line and how to maximize revenue.

On Mount Union’s campus I am involved with The Dynamo (our school’s newspaper), Emerging Leaders Club, Accounting Club, Sport Business Association (which I’m the treasurer of), Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society (which I’m in the president of) and First Year Experience as well as a mentor in M3C, an AmeriCorps volunteer scholarship program.  Campus involvement is imperative. It provides opportunities to meet people as well as develop the ever-important resume.

The most impressive part of my collegiate career to this point is the practical experience I have gained. I am a very self-empowered person and this attitude has lead to me obtaining multiple internships.  I have interned with the Cleveland Clinic Autism Center, Cleveland Indians (where I was a data specialist), Pro Football Hall of Fame (where I conducted research), the National Basketball Academy, the National Sports Forum, the Cleveland Cavaliers (where I work as a part of its sales team), and this week I begin another internship with the Cleveland Indians (where I’ll work with its database management staff).

I will be sure to get more in depth with some of my experiences on campus and with my internships later in my blog but I want to end by answering the question, “Why Mount Union?” The interaction and the relationships I am able to build with my professors is the main reason. At Mount Union, the professors are truly there to help you. I know some of my professors on a personal level and this is very important as they are my connection to business world.

Finally, the main reason I choose Mount Union was because I saw it had the right mindset. Mount is NOT OK with status quo and it is always looking toward the future and how to improve as a university.  In only two years at Mount I have seen an athletic complex, a business and engineering building and three apartment buildings built.

Mount Union is a NCAA Division III school with a Division I mindset. I came from a small community but I strive to be successful on a large stage. I am out to prove that I have what it takes to become an industry leader in sport business and when I achieve this goal, the opportunities Mount Union has provided me with will have been a major factor.

-Zach McMurray

“Good is the Enemy of Great”

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