Mayor of Mount Union

Mayor of Mount Union


The more people I meet at Mount, the more I realize what a tech-savvy group of students we are. I would bet almost every single student uses some form of social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and many of us are walking around with smartphones.

However, aside from the typical Facebook and Twitter interactions, I’ve noticed another trend starting – geolocation check-ins. If you’re not sure what this means, maybe you’ll recognize the name of the service: Foursquare.

Foursquare is a service you can use by text message, or their official iPhone / Droid / Blackberry apps. The idea behind Foursquare is simple – whenever you go to a building, store, or other venue, you can “check in” to that spot and get points for doing so. The person with the most points over a period of the last 30 days is deemed the “mayor” of that venue.

There may not be anything too cool about just having the title “mayor” and your picture next to the venue listing on Foursquare, however what IS cool are the deals that stores are starting to give people who either check in, or are the current mayor. I recently got a free order of breadsticks with a pizza from the local Pizza Hut just for being the mayor there.

Foursquare is essentially a way to let venues reward their loyal visitors, however it seems to have extended beyond the stores and into the campuses. This past week, I’ve seen check-ins at all the residence halls, HPCC and KHIC. While I doubt there will be any real “discounts” for being the mayor of any of the buildings on campus, I do think that Foursquare is only going to become more popular among the students here. It’s fun, addictive and trying to achieve mayor status at your favorite buildings against your friends add that layer of competition.

If you haven’t heard of Foursquare before, I encourage you to check it out at and from there you can download its apps and set up your account.

Oh, and if you do end up signing up, feel free to add me as a friend. Although I should warn you … I’m the current mayor of the University of Mount Union. Game on.


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