Lost Items

So this weekend was an unfortunate one. Besides spending hours and hours studying for exams and quizzes on the two days before break, I lost one of the most important things I have here … my key! I was out Saturday night and didn’t have any pockets, so I put my key and Purple Plu$ Card into my sports bra so I could keep them with me. I thought I wouldn’t be able to lose it, but of course the universe proved me wrong. As I was leaving one of the fraternities, I realized my key was no longer with my Purple Plu$. Thankfully I was with my friend and she told me I could stay in her room. It was pretty late at night, I was tired and figured I could come back the next day to look for my key. I told my roommate about the situation and she was very nice about leaving the door open for me so I could still get in when I needed. While in the cafeteria on Sunday morning, I ran into someone from the fraternity. I asked them if he could keep an eye out for it during cleaning today. We were friends with each other on Facebook and planned to communicate through there about it. I felt at least a little better about it after talking with them; I felt a little bit of hope. My friend, who I stayed the night with, told me it would be about $50 to replace, so that thought was still looming in my mind. I went all Sunday without it. Monday came and I still had not heard anything, so in the afternoon I messaged the person I spoke to previously. He said nothing turned up at chapter house, but he would ask the president just in case he had it or knew about its whereabouts. At about the same time I was discussing this with him, I got an email from someone at the Information Desk. It turns out someone turned my key in to them! I was so happy to hear that! I literally danced around my room for a while cheering because it felt like such a weight off my shoulders. My roommate was really happy for me as well and we went right away to claim my key. 

I also got lucky with something else I lost earlier in the weekend. I usually wear my moccasins and sweatpants when I go to the gym and then change into sneakers at the actual gym. On Friday, I was in a rush leaving and forgot to pick up my moccasins on my way out! It took until Sunday for me to realize where I had misplaced them, which is a miracle because I’m very forgetful and sometimes it never comes back. I emailed my boss right away, who works in the gym, and asked where I could find them if I left them there. Before he had a chance to respond, I went to the gym and found my shoes exactly where I left them! I was so grateful no one had taken them!

So with my key and shoes found, my chemistry exam over and 16 hours left until I can go home, I am feeling great!! I wish I could keep this luck around forever!

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