Looking Back

Looking back on my almost complete year as a freshman, I realize just how much things can change in less than a year. To start, the few people I came to school knowing, I barely even talk to anymore. I had two different groups of friends I hung out with in the beginning of the year that I do not even talk to anymore. My group of friends has completely done a 180 almost. In the beginning of the year I was spending a lot of time with upperclassmen and now my circle of friends is all freshman. It surprises me that my group of friends changed so drastically because in high school I was friends with pretty much the same group of people for all four years, most of which I had known and been friends with in middle school too! To me it seems that what you get involved with does kind of predetermine who most of your friends will be. When I joined a different sorority than some of my friends in the beginning of the year we became distant because we had different schedules and commitments to take care of. When I became more involved with my sorority during Greek week I met more people who are now my close friends.

I think it’s perfectly fine for your circle of friends to change and modify over the years. Sometimes you don’t really know the personality of someone until you spend a certain amount of time with them, or you want to be friends with someone who just turns out to be too different than you. Being flexible is a good mindset to have with your friends, especially your freshman year. You will meet so many different people in your first month of school! After you settle in you end up surrounding yourself more with those who you click with, but there are so many people on campus that your almost constantly meeting new people in classes and organizations you are in. So even if you have a set group of best friends it’s good to be open minded to friendships with others you meet. You can never have enough friends and it’s good to have connections!

If you are a girl I recommend doing the big sis program because I spent a good amount of time with mine in the beginning of the year and she introduced me to some of her upperclassmen friends. We actually saw the premiere of Breaking Dawn together at midnight and have gone to dinner several times together. She was always there when I needed someone or had questions about school. I will most likely be volunteering as a big sis so maybe we will meet!

I never believed my family when they said college is all about change, but it really is. You change your friends, your major sometimes, your routine and overall you as a person will end up changing too. As one who likes things to stay steady I’m surprised I was able to handle it all so well. Everything just sort of transitioned though it was never giant changes at once, which is what helped me be OK with things moving in a different direction. Don’t ever get yourself stuck in just one path, branch out and see what could be!

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