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Ok, first of all, how ’bout them Indians? A sweep against the Red Sox followed by a 12-3 W over the Mariners… The boys are on an awesome winning streak — let’s just hope they keep it up!

I finally worked my first game of the season on Wednesday against the BoSox. Gonna be honest, the Sox are second to the Tribe in my heart — always been a fan of both (shh!). The game was amazing… sure, the weather wasn’t the best baseball weather but hey, it was still fun. It gave me a little preview of what the summer is going to be like … let’s just say I can’t wait.

Relay For Life was last night here on campus. WRMU DJed the event and had a pretty good time doing so. Relay is such a great cause. At Mount Union, a bunch of campus organizations set up tables and had different ways of raising money. My favorite was the Sigma Nu Fraternity table — they raised money by waxing — yes, waxing — brothers. It was a funny, entertaining way to bring in the donations. A community organization also had put-put set up and my boyfriend and I gave it a shot (we tied). We stopped back around midnight and listened to some students sing karaoke. Overall, the event seemed to be a success. Everyone was having fun while helping the cause.

This morning was the debut of the documentary I mentioned a few blogs earlier. For our public relations class we were told to make a video about the city to be shown at a Poverty Summit… Well, the summit was today and we went up for the premiere! Everyone loved it!

Word on the street is that it is supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow! Fingers crossed it continues and spring is here to stay!


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