Late Night Jams with Shan and Sam

Hi everyone!

We have a radio show that is called “Late Night Jams with Shan and Sam.” We usually just shorten it and say “Late Night Jams” though. :]

It is on every Tuesday from 10 p.m. to midnight on WRMU 91.1. And, there are a few different ways to tune in.

  • -Listen on the radio if you are in the area … the dial should be set at 91.1 FM.
  • -You can listen online anywhere.
  • -If you’re on campus, you can turn your TV to channel 2, and we will come through your TV set! :]

If you’d like to call in during our show to say hi or to make a request, the phone number is (330) 823-3777.

Our tagline is “Keep on Shammin’” because we combined Shan + Sam to get SHAM, get it ? :]

Feel free to ask us any questions you have, and be sure to tune in on Tuesdays!!

-Shannon and Samantha

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