Last Day Before Spring Break

Today is the last day before spring break 2011. My roommate is packing his bags for Panama City AKA he has a bathing suit in a cowboy hat and his sunglasses, and is going tanning for the last time before the drive down. My other roommate is making plans to go home to Pittsburgh and probably back down to Columbus for The Arnold Classic next Friday, and my fourth roommate is incognito. I on the other hand, just got done with my fourth class of the day and finished my second throwing practice of the day. This spring break, hopefully, I’ll be competing at the Division III National Championships in Bexley, Ohio, in the shot put. I worked hard today so I ate a lot today; luckily there was some good food at the international station in the dining commons. I forget what it was called but it consisted of rice topped with a chicken breast and topped with a fried egg. I had eight of them. I also had some good beer cheese soup and a lot of ice cream.  I believe moose tracks is the most dangerous ice cream flavor of all because you go in with the intention of a scoop or two, and then you hit a chocolate vein and you start digging more and more and more and next thing you know you have had three bowls of ice cream. Well, that’s my excuse anyways for eating so much of it.My classes on Tuesday and Thursdays consist of American Family at 9 a.m., followed by HELL2 at 1:10 p.m., Critical Theory and Rhetoric at 2:30 p.m. and Forensic Psychology at 6 p.m. Only HELL and Critical Theory are required for my major, and they are probably the two toughest courses in my major and the papers are starting to pile up. American Family is a class I was just interested in learning about so I took it, and Forensic Psychology may be my favorite class this semester. It’s taught by a forensic psychologist, Dr. K., and he is really great, enthusiastic and passionate.

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