Laptop: yes or no?

I didn’t have a laptop before I came to college and my parents were actually debating if I should even get one or not. They talked to Mount Union and asked about how many computers were available to determine if I really needed one. Thankfully, I did enough begging that regardless of what the school said, they bought me one anyway. If you are questioning the importance of a laptop (or your parents are) keep reading because I have knowledge of both sides of the coin!

My roommate’s laptop cord broke right before fall break so she took it home with her. When she came back from break she didn’t bring it with her (I forget the exact reason why). Overall, she does pretty well without it. We have a computer lab right down the hall from our room in our residence hall so it’s pretty convenient. Each floor doesn’t have its own computer lab though, so if you lived on the third floor you would have to come way down to the lobby. Sometimes a lot of people decide to use the computers all at once (we only have three) so she would either have to wait or go to the library if she really needed it at that point in time. Sometimes she mentions how she wishes she had a laptop so she could be in the comfort of her bed while she does work. Personally I believe it’s your own preference.

Mount Union does have a lot of computer labs and random computers in the library for you to use if you don’t have your own, so don’t stress too much if your parents send you without one. For me, my laptop isn’t just a laptop. It’s also my TV, movie player and music player. We don’t own a TV, so if I want to watch sports or some other show online I can do so without having to leave my bed. Same is true for a DVD.

Also, I don’t do a lot of studying in the library. I prefer to be in the comfort of my residence hall where anything I could possibly need or want is accessible. If I were in the library all the time studying it’d be no problem just to hop on the school computers and use that to complete what I needed. Not all the computers are in labs either. They are in more quiet areas for when you really want silence or to focus. So in conclusion, you can survive without a laptop (like many other things) but it does have its benefits.

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