It’s a small world after all

Sorry that you now have that song stuck in your head. It’s in mine now too – so, it’s only fair! : )

So you know the phrase, “it’s a small world,” right? Right. It is said more often than not when you run into the most random people in the most random places. Ever since I made the decision to go to Mount three years ago (was it that long ago already?!) I have been meeting Mount Union friends EVERYWHERE!

Once, I was in Cabo San Lucas (yes, all the way by California) with my mom and I ran into someone from Mount Union. Can we say random?

If I wear a MU shirt anywhere, I can almost guarantee I will run into alumni, current students and prospective students, etc. What’s great about that is it makes us automatic friends. Whether we talk about professors we both know, the new construction, the name change or, of course, the football team, we have something that we can discuss for hours. What’s even better about this is that this really helps with the job search. It baffles my mind how many jobs/internships I’ve applied for or researched that have a Mount Union grad somewhere on staff. When I applied for an internship last summer, it turned out that the person who I wanted to work for was married to a Mount grad! How cool is that?

Now, everywhere I go I find someone who shares the love of Mount Union : )


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