It Feels Like Summer

Campus is full of people outside all the time now. It seems like every day I can see a frisbee being thrown, a soccer ball being kicked and shirtless men playing sand volleyball. This weather is amazing and I feel like it is going to stay, which is surprising in Ohio.

I just read in the paper that this winter was one of the warmest winters ever recorded. I can easily believe that since last school year it was still cold when I went home in May. I didn’t believe that it would get so warm so fast. I am always pessimistic about the weather. I never want to get my hopes up.

I love to run outside, but I’m starting to run barefoot so I am running inside of the Peterson Field House.

Baseball has always been a summer sport, so it only makes it feel more like summer when I have to watch it nearly every day. I have just started to consistently experience athletic training with the baseball team.  There has only been one “scary” injury so far but he is OK and should heal with no problem. I am slowly learning all of their names and quickly learning their personalities. I also realized quickly that nearly all of our starters are sophomores. That’s my class status so I definitely take pride in knowing that our class is doing work and doing it well. Just like last semester when I was at Hoover High School for my athletic training experience, I am getting closer with the team. I am pumped when we win, and I feel even worse when someone get hurts. Athletic training makes you have a heart toward athletes a little more than if you were just a fan. You have to actually take care of their injuries, so when they can triumph over that injury, you feel like you contributed to their success.

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