Inner-tube Water Polo

One of my on campus jobs includes reffing intramural games throughout the year. So far I have reffed sand volleyball and this semester I am a scorekeeper for basketball and water polo. I played basketball for eight years from first through eight grade. The guy teams get very serious and some are very particular with calling all fouls, which I did not know very well. So, I went to for score keeping this semester instead of reffing.

Recently, I got scheduled to score keep for a water polo game for the first time. I had no idea how it was played or what the rules were, which is why I did not sign up to ref it. I was excited to find out what it was. The intramural version is not like regular water polo though. They cut you a break and give you an inner-tube to sit on so that way you don’t have to hold yourself¬†afloat for a half hour. Personally though, the way they make you sit on the tubes is almost as complicated as having to tread water. You sit on the top of the tube and then lean it forward and have to hold your balance on it while getting attacked by the other team. There aren’t too many rules to the game. I found out from the description paper in our ref/scorekeeper binder. You just can’t have possession of the ball while you are off your inner-tube and there is a time for each half. There are fouls in water polo as well I found out, although they are harder to call. The water, from what I’ve heard, can also be freezing at times. Water polo also is a much more dangerous job to score keep than basketball. Every now and then during basketball, a ball will bounce toward you but it’s not usually directly thrown at you. In water polo though you have to be conscientious about where you put your chair to observe. I picked a very bad spot diagonal from one of the goals and almost got hit a few times. The people throwing the ball were throwing full speed too, hoping it would land in the goal, so I was thankful for my good deflection skills.

If you enjoy water and swimming and find yourself missing it next winter (AT MOUNT UNION!) keep water polo in your mind as a possible way to get in some pool time while having a great time with friends!

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