I’m a part of that

It’s never fun being sick. I’m one of those lucky people who is experiencing a cold and sore throat right now.

And generally, that really sucks.

EXCEPT when it comes to choir.

You’re probably like, “What?”

But let me explain. When you’re sick, you can’t sing with the choir. It’s not good for your voice, and there’s the chance you’ll make other choir members sick.

So, you get to sit out when you’re sick. And listen to the choir thing.

It’s really a nice gift on the days you’re sick.

For once, you get to experience what the audience experiences. And let me tell you: It’s pretty awesome.

We’re learning some new songs this semester, and even in their learning stages, I can tell these songs are going to be beautiful.

I sat out Thursday from choir, and sometime between all the awesome music I got to thinking, “I’m a part of that sound.” I am a part of that fantastic group of music-making people.

No matter what I do after college, I know I was part of one of the best groups Mount Union has to offer. That’s pretty cool, and that’ll make anyone with a sore throat feel better.

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