I LOVE the weather

Ahhh, the weather was so gorgeous today. It was UMUpalooza, which was the four-hour live music event hosted by WRMU that Samantha and I have been writing about the past couple weeks. It actually went really well. All the bands that performed did a great job and I think the people that came were really satisfied with the event. :]

I loooove when the weather gets nice out because I migrate from The MAAC to running outside around campus. The MAAC is short for the McPherson Academic and Athletic Complex, which basically is our rec center.  I love working out there and it really is nice. My freshman year, we worked out in this tiny building that was called “The Body Shop” because the new place was being built. That is almost humorous to think back on that because the new workout center is so nice. There are a bunch of flatscreen TVs that you can watch while you’re working out, and all of the equipment you’d assume to see at the gym.

In high school, I ran track, cross country and danced, but I didn’t want to run when I came to Mount. The teams are so serious about the sport (which is how it should be), but I’m just more of a recreational runner now. I do road races here and there but I just love running to clear my mind and get fresh air. The dance team here looked fun when I first came here and I did try out my freshman year but was cut at the last second.  They told me to try out again but I never did because I got involved in too many other things.

It’s fun just being able to workout and run when I have time and not having to run whenever I’m SUPPOSED to. I ran this morning before class for an hour because it was just sooo nice out. Around 60 degrees is perfect for running because it’s warm but not too hot! Hope this weather stays nice so I can keep running outside and then just go to The MAAC to use the weights. :]


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