I am Cresslyn DiRosa

My name is Cresslyn DiRosa, and yes my name is made up. It is based off a story book my mom had read as a child, and in it there was a character whose name was Cress. So, my mom added her middle name to it.

I am in love with music. It is my life and one of the biggest reasons I get up in the morning. This is my freshman spring semester and going for a degree in music education. My primary instrument is the bassoon. Now I know you’re asking yourself “What is a bassoon?” Well, I have answered your question with a picture of a bassoon.

Being at Mount Union has brought me great friends and great experiences, as I have lived my entire life in Chardon, Ohio. I was not the most popular subject since I loved music and not sports (like the rest of the city). At Mount Union, I have seen people who are like me and love the same things I do, and seeing this has let me expand my personality and become who I want to be. Now, Mount Union has become like my home and I feel very comfortable. I hope that it is the same for other students and incoming students see the same home that I do.

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