How to Deal with Stressure

This a turbulent time in the semester for a lot of students at Mount Union. We have to register for our classes in the fall, we have to pick our roommates and where we want to live. We have to write a billion papers and take another billion tests.

You don’t have a lot of time for yourself, or for your friends, especially when you’re involved in a sport which becomes even more tumultuous when it is snowing in April. You get sick from the crazy weather in Ohio, you get sick from stress from all your classes and you get sick from being all cooped up for the past six months.You have to enjoy the little things, whether it’s the cafeteria serving your favorite food or a deadline extended on a paper.My high school football coach used to say this corny thing about free time. He’d tell us after our football games on Friday nights that we have the whole week off.”You have Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, Monday morning and Monday afternoon, all off!”If you look at it like that then you have a lot more time than you thought before.

When it’s Tuesday morning and you get assigned to read 40 pages of a book and write a paper about it, remember that you have Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday night and Tuesday morning to get things all wrapped up. That’s like four or five days, which doesn’t seem so bad after all.


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