How to audition

The auditions for the spring musical are in a few days! To warm us all up and to give the auditioners an idea of what to expect, Mount Union’s Department of Theatre hosted a master class on how to audition.

It was a really cool event. We had a woman there, Lindsey, who Kevin Kern met during a summer show. She demonstrated a song and a monologue and went through the motions of auditioning.

Here’s what we learned:

1. Treat your accompanist with respect. Accompanists, for whatever reason, get a certain amount of disrespect in some vocal settings. That’s not cool, ever.

2. Dress appropriately. You should look more like you’re ready for a job interview than having just come straight from the gym.

3. Walk in with confidence. If a director sees a confident person walk across the stage, he knows that’s someone he can trust with a part.

4. Introduce yourself. There is no need to introduce the piece you’ll perform. The director will likely figure it out.

5. Act the song you sing! A director isn’t only looking for vocal talent; he/she wants to know you can act!

6. Avoid character voices. The director wants to hear YOUR voice.

7. Try to avoid picking Sondheim and other difficult pieces. If the accompanist messes up, you look bad. Always.

8. Never say, “Oh I have a cold.” All it sounds like is excuses, excuses, excuses.  A director will be able to tell if you were sick recently.

9. Politely say thank you at the end of your audition and leave as confidently as you entered.

That’s how to audition!

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