How many days until Opening Day?

Second semester is almost over — can you believe it? I know I mentioned in one of my previous blogs how shocked I was that it was already spring break… pfft, spring break already feels like forever ago. Since then, I celebrated my 21st birthday, St. Patrick’s Day and a bunch of other fun stuff in between.

As if this beautiful spring weather isn’t getting me excited already for summer, imagine going down to Progressive Field and enjoying it up close and personal.I’ve mentioned to you before how I am a huge Indians fan and how I even interned with the organization last summer. Well, what I didn’t tell you is how long  I’ve been involved with the Tribe.A few years ago I started working at Southpark Mall at the Cleveland Indians Team Shop where I sold merchandise as well as single game tickets. Now, working in retail really wasn’t my thing, but I met some great people which really opened doors for me. So, as you know, I scored myself an awesome internship last summer and I didn’t want my experience to end there. My supervisor last summer told me to try to get in as many doors as possible down at Progressive — I had already worked in merchandise and creative services, what was next?I signed up to take a class here at Mount (the one I told you in my last blog about the sponsorship proposal) and one of our side projects is to be a part of the ticket sales team! We were able to skip a day of classes and head to downtown Cleveland to visit the ballpark and get some inside training on how to be a “Grade A” ticket salesperson. Now, during this whole semester, we’re working with the Tribe’s sales team and trying to sell tickets for this season!So, now I have stepped into three doors with the Indians… but guess what… it doesn’t stop there.Last fall I applied to be in the Fun Bunch — those awesome people who run around at games promoting the team. As my luck had it, I scored a position with the team and got to work at Snow Days (haven’t heard of it? google it!) over Christmas break and had a blast. We also had the opportunity to work several outside events including the mall tour the team went on. I loved it!Once the season starts (April 1), I will be able to start working games. Let’s just say this summer is going to be awesome. I actually went down today for day one of my training (that’s what I was talking about earlier — up close and personal!) The smell of spring just reminds me of baseball season and I cannot wait to spend my summer nights at the ballpark!-samantha

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